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Lower Manhattan | Rick Battle Photography

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On March 30th, 2017, Google formally announced that the Nik suite of image editing applications was abandonware. The suite is free to use indefinitely, but will no longer receive any updates. Windows 10 isn’t even formally supported. Eventually an update will break the suite and everyone who depends on them for their post-processing work flow will be up the proverbial creek without the equally proverbial paddle.

That’s where we come in. Silver Effects is a (semi) faithful recreation of Silver Efex Pro 2. Basically, we’ve spent a lot of time moving every slider in Silver Efex Pro 2, trying to figure out what it was doing, and then trying to recreate the effect. Every algorithm in Silver Effects was written from scratch. Most get pretty close to the original effect. Others, we took a slightly different direction on. Hopefully you’ll find our changes useful.

Our Promise

We will not abandon you. If the day ever comes where we are no longer able to maintain Silver Effects, we either sell it to a another company who’s as excited about it as we are (with the stipulation that this promise holds to them and through all future sales) or we’ll open source it. Under no circumstances will you be left out in to cold.


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Silver Efex Pro 2 is dead. Long live Silver Effects!